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The COVID-19 pandemic will change the way we identify and interact with each other in an irreversible way. Prior to this outbreak, physical interaction with each other was part of our natural behaviour for thousands of years. It shaped the way we identified, recognised and trusted each other.

In these…

Identity verification has been dominated by manual processes for a long-time. Checks would always be carried out physically involving sensitive paper and plastic documents. Such documents are likely to be duplicated for record-keeping purposes which poses several security risks such as the loss of sensitive data or more commonly theft…

Buying a property for most will be the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lifetime. This alone can induce stress and anxiety throughout the home buying process. What might start out as a giant leap of ambition and hope for the future can very quickly turn into a…


Otem is a secure and fast digital identity verification solution for your business. Otem enables the identity verification of staff and clients remotely

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